Checking in with Robert Guerrero

Interview by Tom Hyser and Oliver Nermerich
Photos by Dominic Swagemakers

1. Yo Rob, what have you been up to lately?
Listening to Flying Lotus Pandora station, stretching, barefoot running, eating mostly raw organic veggies and fruits, drinking Yerba Mate’, blading with my homies, blading solo with my Ipod, learning to use my core and lower legs more to absorb shock, working out with my brother in law, hanging out with my sister and nephews, linking all kinds of cool sh*t on my facebook, not updating my blog, trying to fix injuries (fractured rib, messed up back, etc), NOT travelling, reading…sometimes, breathing, and texting.

2. What will happen in the future? 
Some really righteous stuff that has never happened before. I’m pretty stoked.

3. Who came up with the design of his Pro-Skate?
Tom Hyser and I both came up with the design/color scheme of the skate. We both agreed that the clear boot combined with the color combination was pretty much the illest Macbook Pro Blade out there. Avenues for creativity with the skate are endless. Be on the look out for what is in store at my Pro Skate release party in NY November 4th. Coverage and all that.

4. You seem to be travelling the world, how can you afford to be constantly on the road?
Rollerblade is sponsoring my travels as they have been business trips. I could not afford to make these travels on my own.

5. What do you do for living?
Skating for Rollerblade is my only source of income. That and not having health insurance, dental insurance, a place to call home, and car insurance are reasons I have been able to survive.

6. What is most important to you in life? 
Quality of time spent with fellow human beings.

7.  What inspires you to keep skating so hard?
Blading is who I am. I have no choice. I have tried to deny it in the past, but that has only brought on frustration and depression. This is who I am, and the more I do things in my life to facilitate happiness and enjoyment in this physical action the happier I am in all areas of my life.

8. Who do you like to roll with most?
That is kind of like a trick question to me. Ultimately my happiness on blades comes from my own internal state of mind in the moment which can fluctuate depending on my mood. If it is positive and happy I can have fun rolling with just about anyone. Lately I have been having some awesome sessions in NY on 12th and D. (this is the street location of the spot) skating with the kids there takes me back to the days of skating in SF in the 90’s. Those were some of my funniest years of blading to date.

9. Where is your favorite place to visit/skate?
Plain and simple: 12th and D in NYC at the moment. 

10. Do you consider yourself an artist?
Interesting question. I’m not sure what I consider myself. Maybe a philosoblader? haha I like to break down all of my personal patterns via my self observations of how I move and think. I like self study. I like self change as well, but actual change is A LOT harder than just realizing and studying what needs to be changed. I am learning to not be so hard on myself, and allow my blading to grow slowly and maturely. It is truly the hardest thing I am working on right now. Just letting myself be me without conflict, comparison, and contradiction. Did that answer the question? I felt like I did but I also just ranted. HA! Such is my life, influenced by Yerba Mate! 


Make sure you join Rob’s Skate release party in New York City on November 4th. Check out the flyer below. 

Rob G – Skate presentation. from Greg Mirzoyan on Vimeo.