Checking in with Nick Lomax

Intro by Oliver Nermerich
Interview by Steve Henry

Photos by Lawrence Badger

Intro by Oliver Nermerich
Interview by Steve Henry
Photos by Adam Kola


Hey Nick, thanks for checkin in with us! What have you been up to lately? I hear you are recovering from some injuries? So what happened?
Yo be-mag its my pleasure to be checking in! Yes recently I’ve doing alot of chillin…I’ve had two pretty bad injuries, first one was a broken jaw. Over my skating life
I’ve hurt myself alot! But i cant tell you how painful this was, literally unbearable, i was eating soup and porrage for a month after with a huge swollen face. This happened for no other reason than larey drunk English people, plus the fact that I should have been listening instead of talking! Basically a power punch to the jaw, so I have a huge pin in there now keeping my face together. The other injury was torn ligaments and soft tissue damage to my ankle, which happened about 3 weeks ago whilst filming with Matty Watky. Was quite fun actually chilling in the hospital with Matty, he’s a complete joker! So recently ive been chillin alot with my boys and my girlfriend tilly. Party’s drinking and jokes!

Do you have any big plans as soon as you can get back on your skates? Contests, Video Sections, etc?
Yeah I can’t wait to get back out on my boots! Not really got any big plans but, just go out filming and make some more edits. Just can’t wait to be back out traveling around different citys.

Your new Pro USD Skate looks amazing. What inspired that design?
Thanks yeah I love my skate too. The inspiration came from a few of my friends that are amazing at graffiti writing: Russ Meehan designed the cuff for the skate, i knew i wanted a white cuff and frames anyway but wasn’t sure about the boot color, so another friend Tom Ashmore helped choose it and put the whole thing together, a bit of team work and its sorted.

Who or what has been motivating you to skate lately?
My motivation always comes from my friends, i don’t really watch Skate DVD’s or edits, i used to when i was younger but for some reason i stopped. i have so much fun skating with the boys. It’s a joke to skate and never serious.

What was the last song you listened to and who was it by?
Last song I listened too was actually a mix tape by Low end theory, its like a hour long full of random tunes.. bloody bangin!

Thanks for your time Nick!
Thanks be-mag and keep up the good work! Safe Nick.

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