Checking in with John Sullivan

Edit and interview by Pat Leal
Photos by Alberto Oscarelli 

1. So tell us what it is like growing up and skating in the Dallas/Fort Worth scene?
Well if you dont mind the 100+ degree weather in the summer, then growing up skating in dfw is the ill. Everyone here is so good and all about getting together to just roll. I made most of my closest friends through skating and i really couldn’t ask for much more. I feel like we have the best rounded skaters in all cities in the United States. No disrespect to any others. I feel i have had a big advantage getting to skate in Dallas/Ft.Worth because u constantly have to stay on ur game cause so many people get so good so quick. 

2. Who were your inspirations when you first started skating?
I had alot of inspirations growing up. Jason Howard being the biggest.. I honestly don’t know where i would be without all he has done for me. I would also like to thank Marc Weez, Danny Binion, Weston Kramer, Jd Poe and a ton other people that was there in my early stages of skating. Without all of them picking my ass up to go skate i would probably still playing basketball. 

3. Do you care if Rollerblading ever makes it back into the X-Games? Also, what do you think about more coverage of Rollerblading on T.V. in general?
Im kinda 50/50 about it. I would love to have people be able to see the dope ass stuff rollerbladers do and open their eyes to it. I hate being asked if i do what Tony Hawk does.. Come on with that mess. Then my other side not wanting it too, just for the simple fact that we r kinda underground..The sport needs money in it thats for sure, i just wish it was on different terms then having to sell clothes at target or have a reality tv show to get ur name out there..

4. Would you ever be sponsored by Ecko if they came up to you and offered you a deal?
In a heartbeat… I work part-time for them anyways and love the fact its a hiphop clothing brand.. I do graffiti as a side hobby and just really like the concept of the company. Plus the rhino logo is tight.

5. How is the filming and skating going for Brian Moore’s upcoming film entitled “City Never Sleeps?”
Its going well… I have always wanted to have a section in a BMO video since he came to Dallas like 8 years ago. He really has his shit together now along with great ideas for the video. His ability to get the right shot just makes the clips that much more tight. I have been kinda slacking lately but its only a matter of time before i really hit it hard. I believe the deadline is in Feb so u will soon see Dallas Finest doing what they do Best. Killin the streets.

John Sullivan: Park Edit by Pat Leal from Be-Mag on Vimeo.

6. Weston Kramer: What time is it before ya hit the town for the night? 
You know its T- SHIRT TIME….haha i am not that big on going out all the time. I like to just chill and get a Mary Session going. Kick on a few beats and hit a freestyle or 2 with my boys. Keep it real S.y.f. o and THE CABS R HERE. 

7. What is the illest skate crew right now on the planet? 
Hmmmmmm i would have to say S.Y.F for life. Tat coming soon to show them im down with it.

8. Any last words/shout-outs/props/or advice you wanna throw out? 
I wanna shout out to everyone in the great state of TX. Everyone that ive had a chance to meet through rollerblading. Demetrios George and USD, OPT, LST, Pat Leal for holding me so down all the time, BMO for always pushing me, and GoD for always looking down on me. O and my passion for a magic flower that gives me the power.. lol. O and finally all my Euless peeps. Couldnt imagine life without all the people i do have in my life…Thank You.