Adrien Anne has been travelling the world for the past few years, promoting rollerblading and his skate sponsor Trigger, just enjoying life to the fullest. Checking in with him was the natural thing to do. Read the article and expect to see him soon at the Winterclash.


Words: Josip Jagić
Photography: Courtesy of Trigger Skate and Adrien Anne

So, tell me what have you been doing for the past couple of years since you joined Trigger?
Thanks for the opportunity to be featured on Be-mag. So, for the past couple of years, I’ve been traveling a lot, from China to California, passing by Australia, Indonesia and so on, I always enjoy traveling and I do it as much as I can, I’m about to go to Morocco in few days, then Winterclash and probably Cuba. I haven’t focused on contests at all but did a few. I tried to help Xavier and Trigger as much as I could with videos, editing , team communication, but also with the skates’ development in China.

How are you happy with the skates, and how do you like the direction Xavier is taking with the brand?
I love the skates! The Julien Cudot’s were the first Trigger skates that came out and weren’t perfect but close to it. We worked hard on the next model, to make them more comfortable, so we chose different foams and materials to create something more comfortable to wear than your shoes. We also changed the design of the boot a bit.
As a good friend, when Xavier told me he was going to work on a skate company, I straight replied that I’m in.
I was on USD and I was doing a lot of promotion for them at the time, it wasn’t an easy decision cause I knew that Xavier wouldn’t have a budget, neither as much stuff as USD to give, but I was ready for a new adventure and it was something different as I could be part of the entire project , not only a promoter. USD never allowed me to work on products and it was a bit frustrating, especially when you see the same problems coming back on every skate. Xavier is going in the right direction, he gives love to the bladers community and does as much as he can to help the blading scene.
So now I’m glad that I made that choice and I can’t wait to show you the next skate.

Aoop top soul

The Trigger pro team’s roster is filled with top skaters, along with you there’s Cudot, Prado and Beat Schillmeier, do you see a team video happening in the near future?
Yes we have a great team and it would be nice to make a team video, unfortunately it’s not planned yet as we all have different schedules but we will drop small team edits.Check out www.triggerskate.com to get the latest news.

You travel a lot, you’ve been named ‘The Traveller’ some years ago, is it still hard being on the road for rollerblading, does it ever get to tiresome?
Traveling is one of my favorite things in life, sometimes it’s hard cause you can’t sleep as much as you want, you’re always invited to party when you arrive to a new destination even if the trip was long and tiring, but it’s a part of the thing and you end up meeting new people, visiting new places, discovering stuff you wouldn’t at home and being filled up with love and passion. It’s magical!
Today I still travel as much as I did in the past but not only for rollerblading but also for different other stuff like working as a videographer or filming for our last project on instagram with my fiancee: www.instagram.com/iwilltakeyouthere , check it out!


You did good at the Blading Cup, how did you enjoy the experience this year? Do you enjoy competing and will you be coming to the Winterclash?
Thank you! Yes Blading Cup was fun, everything was really small and not as expected but in fact it made it more like a family event and it was cool to see everyone there .
The event was part of a Californian road trip with my good friends Warren Digne and Antony Pottier for a promo video, the video is out, go watch it!
www.be-mag.com/news/pottier-and-digne-Cali-trip-section/ I’m deffinitely not a competitor but when I see a park or a street spot , it’s stronger than me, I have to skate it. Yes I will be at the Winterclash even if I’m tired to see it happen at the same spot years after years.

Your style of skating evolved and got a lot cleaner in the past few years, if you don’t mind me saying so. How did that happen, who influenced your skating the most recently?
Thank you once again, maybe it’s the fact that I moved on to Strasbourg five years ago, the skating there isn’t the most technical but definitely cleaner than most of other French cities.
I’m not really influenced by other people than the bladers I skate with as I don’t watch blading on internet anymore. I don’t have the time and I don’t want to be in the last trend, I want to stay myself.

Also, how do you like what’s been going on in skating latelys? Who are your favorite skaters lately and which videos did you enjoy watching the most in the past year?
I really enjoyed watching Soichiro, Yuto, Prado and Carlos Bernal. I was glad to see Gavin Drumm (one of my favorite skaters to watch) at his best during the Blading Cup, I remembered him skating a decade earlier at the Hoedown, it was so inspiring!

What are your plans in 2018?
Keep traveling, keep blading and enjoying life with my dog and my beautiful fiancee.