Chad Hornish and Arizona videographer Ryan Buchanan have just released their incredible VOD titled “Dream in Pink”. The VOD is the first paid venture for both of these fine gentlemen and the video is worth every cent that you pay for. Chad has been on quite a tear the last few years, having traveled the world numerous times and coming home with some of the best highlight clips from almost every contest he enters. To say that Chad had high expectations to drop a quality street profile is putting it mildly, but the man lived up to all the hype and dropped unarguably his greatest profile to date.

Chad is very well known for taking calculated risks and pushing his personal boundaries and his profile shows that few can do as hard as Chad when the cameras are rolling. But don’t believe that Chad limits himself to strictly stunts, he also displays incredible consistency and a seasoned style from years of refining his craft. His wide ranging technical tricks such as negative citric acids will also have you wondering how in the hell Chad contorts himself into such awkward positions and yet remain so damned stylish in the process.

Chad ContortioNish with the zero negative citric acid.

Videographer Ryan Buchanan did an amazing job at the helm of the filming and editing process of “Dream in Pink” as well. Ryan is in my opinion one of the most underrated videographers within the blading industry and it is great to see him and Chad develop such an amazing chemistry through their recent projects. They both seem to bring the best out of each other’s skill sets and challenge each other in a mutually beneficial way. “Dream in Pink” is a solid project that holds tons of replay value & if you miss out on it, you are only doing yourself a disservice.

So follow the Sellfy link and treat yourself to some Pink, you won’t regret it!

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