After Winterclash I went to film for week with Rollerblade skater Cameron Talbott in Amsterdam and Paris. Right after that I flew to LA with my girlfriend Bee and Pascal Tan to film Russell Day in San Diego for a month to finish his ADAPT profile for the upcoming movie I’m shooting.


Words and photos by: Cavin Le Macon

The flight was long (we flew with a cheap company that did not have an inflight entertainment system).
They allowed us in the country and Russell was there to drive us to SD, After a quick food stop we drove off and all 3 of us fell a sleep straight away.

For Bee and Pascal it was their first time on this coast of the USA. For all of us it was the first time in SD.
San Diego is a beautiful area. Its really calm an chill. The people are really open and nice, something I did not expect.
Russell sadly had to work a few days but he dropped us off at the beach and we found a lil ledge next to a palm tree to skate, nothing says California more than a spot next to a palm tree. *did you know that palm tree,s suck all the water out the area making them assholes?

After Pascal (from now on we shall refer to him as “SLIPJE”) did his trick we bumbed into local SD legend “SLOMO”. Slomo is a retired surgeon and now he skates everyday over the boulevard in slow motion.
On Thursday we skated some spots that for us euros are legendary and look so amazing. Russell did some (for him normal) insane switch ups just before the sun went down. After that we went to a skatepark for the Thursday night shred. We arrived and there were 7/8 skaters, I was suprised because I don’t see that much bladers in Amsterdam. Within a half an hour that ammount went to 15 skaters if not more.
The weekends over here means you can skate schools, Campuses, and business parks. Spots here are insane. Because of some heavy rain fall the week before the ditches still needs to dry op so i cant wait to skate those.


Every day we skate and try to do some siteseeing, Sunday Russ took us to see the sealions. These creatures sun bathe on the rocks and you can just walk up to them and chill with them, they are rude animals and just walk over eachother to find the best spot in the sun. You can get as close to them as five feet, any closer and they will wake up and bark at you. You don’t wanna wrestle a sealion.
On Tuesday we drove to LA (Venice beach to be exact) to chill at the park get some street footage and to pick up Levi van Rijn at night who will be with us for the rest of the time.

So for now that was week 1 of the adventures of the euros in California. Enjoy the pictures and for daily updates of our crazy and funny days go follow us all on instagram.


bee back seat



pascal a top porn sd

pascal back sav

pascal sd

pascal t mistral venice beach

russell soyale

seal 2

seal bee

seal sd






pascal wallride

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