Let’s be honest. 2020 has sucked. But one thing that hasn’t sucked has been the massive amount of Casey Geraghty content that we have been blessed with this year. In his previous profiles and appearances in videos such as “Sunday“, Casey has made a legitimate case for 2020’s Skater of the Year and with the release of his newest edition to his famed Casadilla series, he further stakes his claim to the S.O.T.Y title.

In Casadilla 4, Casey throws down his smooth moves on some of LA’s most immaculate looking ledges and rails and stomps some rather large wallrides and gaps with ease as well. The video was edited by Casey himself and scored to a classic Ty Segall & White Fence track that seemed destined to appear in a skate video eventually, which we are glad to see it done so perfectly with Casey as the focus.

So peep the fourth edition of Casadilla now and who knows, there is still a few days before the end of the year, Casey might still surprise us with another full profile with the way he is cranking these bad boys out (fingers crossed) !


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