Carlos Bernal is one of the top Spanish bladers, so it seems USD really does have a nose for picking up great skaters from spanish-speaking countries. Recently, Carlos went to Venezuela to help promote blading and film, so Be-Mag took the opportunity to have a little chat with him about what went down. And as you’ll see in his new section, a lot of great stuff happened in the wilderness that is Venezuela and Columbia.

Words: Josip Jagić

It seems you had a lot of fun in Venezuela. How did you get there and who were your hosts?

I went to Venezuela at the invitation of Christian Conde, he organizes a street competition and each year invites an international skater as a guest to support and motivate people. Actually it was an incredible experience, one of the best I’ve had so far on a trip. From the very first day I was welcomed as if I were one more their family, both at Venezuela and in Columbia.
First I want to thank Earl for this experience and giving me accommodation during the first week I was there; thanks also to the Venezuelan crew for the many good times and for taking care of me day after day.

Thank you Guillen for your travelling companionship, Columbia and all the great hosts, kuma, Keizer, Jose Mosquera, Oscar and many more … and the Vamospro brand and aves suicidas!


What was the most challenging part about skating there?

The most challenging part of the video was that soul to drop jumping into an athletics field…

When you read the news about food shortages in Venezuela, one wonders how do those skaters afford skates and where do they get them? did you talk to them about it and what do they say?

It is almost impossible to get skates over there now, the money they make on a regular job isn’t enough. Many of them skate the same pair of skates for years. It’s a shame because many do not have skates as they are not able the afford them. Hopefully this bad situation will pass soon!

In general, what do you think is the biggest difference between Europe and Latin America, skating wise?

Europe has a high level of skating, street and park. South América has also really good parks and street spots to reach a high level too but there are only a few skaters that stand out and I think one of the biggest problems there is the quality of the videos, filming and editing. Even they are such talented skaters their videos don’t really show their potential.

You’re a good friend of Michel Prado. How is he doing and what does the situation look like in Spanish skateparks after the attack on Michel?

Michel is recovering little by little in hospital… He is a very strong guy and hopefully he will be soon at home with little rehabilitation to do. Of course all his friends would be there to help him! We didn’t expect something like this to happen …at the skateparks now there is a little more tension than usual, but I hope this will be fixed soon and we won’t have any more violence…

What’s next for you in Spain?

These days Im filming a section for my first Undercover pro model wheel and I would love to keep traveling and enjoying skating as I always do.


Enjoy Carlos new, stunt filled section here.


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