Dominik Wagner

Camp Life: Richie Eisler

Imagine… Imagine you are visiting this music festival in northern Europe. A music festival that is supposed to be one of the best in the world, with space for 131.000 people, 7 stages and 166 bands.

Imaging you already stumbled into David Sizemore who was preparing breakfast in front of your tent, you met Alex Broskow at the coffee spot in the morning, you watched a morning session of Brian Bina and the Haitian crew and you run into Remy Meister who just partied all night and went too bed way to late. Now you are on the way to the skatepark-backstage to check your e-mails and grab a cold cola. And who is that, standing at the bar having a conversation with Mr. Glowicki about Flight School’s and skate camps? Canada’s Richie Eisler…

Wait… this guy is here, living the camp life just like you are? Yeps, take a look yourself.


Text: Johannes Jacobi
Photos: Dominik Wagner

Top 5 things about camping
– Fresh air at all times
– Sunshine
– Long days, short nights
– Simplicity from dropping conveniences

Top 5 things about Roskilde
– Living with the international blade crew
– Danish people
– The music
– The babes
– The blading show


Top 5 essentials
– I don’t have one this year, but a hammock was great in years past.
– shades
– blades
– babes
– homies

Bands I want to see at Roskilde
– Stones
– After that I’ll be surfing wherever the festival takes me. I usually see about 20 bands and the best ones tend to be random accidents.