Camp Life: Remy Meister

Imagine… Imagine you are visiting this music festival in northern Europe. A music festival that is supposed to be one of the best in the world, with space for 131.000 people, 7 stages and 166 bands.

Now imagine you just had your morning coffee while witnessing a nice early-morning session of the whole Haitian crew. You’re walking back to your camp to see who else woke up already and you run into Remy Meister who is still awake after partying and collecting cans all night long.

Wait… this guy is here, living the camp life just like you are? Yeps, take a look yourself.


Text: Johannes Jacobi
Photos: Dominik Wagner

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Top 5 things about camping
– Non stop party
– Free games everywhere
– Friends doing shit
– Endless
– Friends doing more shit

Top 5 things about Roskilde
– Lets get fucked up tonight (starting in the morning)
– Bowl!
– Eito Yasutoko
– Being eight years old all the time
– Making money with trash


Top 5 essentials
– Skates
– Liquor
– Well shaped liver
– Toothbrush
– Trash bag

Bands I want to see at Roskilde
– Uuh? Is there a concert somewhere? Which camp?