Dominik Wagner

Camp Life: Dave Lang

Imagine… Imagine you are visiting this music festival in northern Europe. A music festival that is supposed to be one of the best in the world, with space for 131.000 people, 7 stages and 166 bands.

Imagine you are now walking to the street course just after you were hanging out with Billy O’Neill at the vert ramp. Seems like you arrived just in time for the street show since everybody is busy warming up and there are more than a thousand beautiful people sitting next to the ramps waiting for it to begin. The show is crazy and this one guy they call “Dave Lang Airlines” is really going for it and takes the win.

Wait… this guy is here, living the camp life just like you are? Yeps, take a look yourself.


Text: Johannes Jacobi
Photos: Dominik Wagner

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Top 5 things about camping
– Having your own tent
– Creating a good campsite
– New people partying everywhere
– Having a skatepark in your backyard
– Partying

Top 5 things about Roskilde
– Blading with the homies
– Overwhelming joy
– Something is always happening
– The music
– New Music


Top 5 essentials
– Your own tent
– Inflatable mattress
– 2 sleeping bags
– Bags to collect cans for refund
– Money money money

Bands I want to see at Roskilde
– Electric Wizzard
– Rolling Stones
– Stevie Wonder
– A$AP Ferg
– Outkast