Cameron Talbott and Taylor Kobryn have dropped another banger laced with clips from his hometown of San Francisco, California. As you have come to expect from Cameron, the video features extremely creative and technical skating as well as some raw hammers with butter smooth style. Cameron had this to say about the filming process for “RB SF”.  

“Living and skating in San Francisco for me couldn’t get any better. This city has a rich history in skating and provides some of the best skate spots in the world. The spots here test you physically and mentally, and prove a true test to the imagination. For me skating is what you make of it, there is really no right or wrong way to do it. I’m not trying to be the best, most creative or technical, I’m simply just trying to have fun and push my own limits on my own time and terms.  Everywhere I look I’m constantly finding something new to skate, weather it be downtown, up in the hills, the occasional house or as far out as the bunkers on the coast.

The inspiration is everywhere, also wouldn’t have near as much fun if it wasn’t for my crew JSF. JSF is a historic skate crew here in the Bay Area, it’s made of an amazing group of individuals that share the same love and respect for each other as they do for rollerblading. We all push each other to not only be better at skating but to be better people in this wild world we live in.  This piece put together by one of my best friends Taylor Kobryn, is a depiction of how I see and skate the city I call home. I had nothing but fun pushing my mind and body for this piece and I hope it shows. We left this one “raw” to give the viewer a different perspective and feel, trying to showcase the energy of a session.  Hope you all enjoy and if your ever in the Bay Area feel free to reach out to any of the JSF crew, we’re all about fun and showing people a good time here in the bay. Much love from SF!

Photo: Erick Garcia, @juicedsuckafoos
Photo: Erick Garcia, @juicedsuckafoos

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