Vibralux Media just released their ninth installment of their stand-alone VOD series featuring the man, the myth, the legend, Brian Weis!

The full profile was filmed on location primarily in the skating mecca of Barcelona Spain (except a few clips in Seattle). The profile wastes no time in kicking into high gear with Brian slaying some infamous Barcelona spots with his text book perfect style and trick selection. Brian has a knack for finding the most unique or difficult trick to do at almost any spot that he is taken to, be it a cess slide into or out of a trick, a perfectly held rail to wallride transfer or just finding the most awkward landing imaginable. Brian just sees spots differently than most and approaches his shots in a very refreshing and inspiring way.

Picture: Marc Moreno

At the helm of the production is Vibralux owner and all-around badass, Adam Johnson, with filming assistance from Alex Broskow and Marc Moreno. AJ once again proves why he is the most consistent videographer in blading’s history with another beautiful production that accentuates Brian’s up-beat personality, his exceptional control and at times, peculiar style. AJ goes beyond just showing Brian’s incredible talent on blades as he also splices in some of the best photos Brian shot during the filming process of the VOD. It is little things like these that give you a better understanding and appreciation of the subject that is being highlighted and it makes the viewing process that much more enjoyable.

All-in-all, this is one of the best profiles of the year and will surely be on repeat for sometime, if it wasn’t already! Be sure to pay your respects to Brian and give the man a little tip to show your appreciation.

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