Our good friend Geoff at Olderblading has dropped another incredible competition highlight video, this time of the Blading Cup 2022 event that just went down a few weeks ago in Santa Ana California. The event had an incredible turnout which brought out tons of incredible talent, both in the inline and quad skating communities.

The three day event featured live video premieres, a Blading Cup tradeshow which brought out some of the biggest brands in the industry as well as men’s, women’s and junior competitions which featured some of the best skaters in the world.

The highlight video featured: (in appearance)

Alex Xela @K2alexx

Seoa Jang @isu_jang_sk8

Daniela Salgado @salgado2237

Mike Dempsey @mikedempseyy

Jon Julio @jonjulio

Kevin Lee @roll_kevdog

Michael Briggs @ghostboobss

Scott Crawford @scott_crawford_75

Randy Spizer @rspizer

Catherine Reyes @catherinenro

Tina Vallarta @tina.bell1412

Mina Lee @mi_na_lee_02

Byeolhee Choi @byeolhee_star

Becky Sotelo @bladermom_bec_so

Emi Parejo @emi_parejo

Nils Jansons @nils_jansons

Sean Darst @seandarst

Colin Kelso @colinkelso

Michael Witzemann @michaelwitzemann

Hayden Ball @haydenball85

Ariel Surun @arielsurun

Dominic Bruce @dominicbruce

Jay Yoon @jay_yoon2005

Jesus Rivera @ga_brielrivera

Andrew Broom @broomski_Ist