J.P Primiano from ButterTV has a certain gift for creating videos which accurately depict the essence of what makes contest environments unique and exhilarating. When J.P set out to document the 2019 Blading Cup he worked diligently in capturing the many different generations of bladers that participated in the event. From the godfathers of the sport such as Arlo Eisenberg and Scott Crawford, to icons such as Aaron Feinberg and Randy Spizer, to modern day professionals and the next generation of aspiring rollers, all were represented and given their deserved shine.

With Blading Cup being a 2 day event consisting of over 160 competitors and 21 countries represented, to document an event of this magnitude and do it justice, you better be prepared to filter through hours upon hours of footage to find the best pieces to highlight the monumental event. Luckily for us, J.P is a man on a mission and he accomplished that goal with a final product that should make everyone who was in attendance proud of his efforts.

So thank you, J.P and ButterTV for your tireless efforts in creating this video as well as Jon Julio, Jason Reyna and Miguel Ramos and all who helped in making the Blading Cup such a successful event.

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