Kaya Turski: New Seba Team Member

Kaya Turski is arguably one of the most talented girls to ever put on a pair of skates, although her focus these last years was almost exclusively on skiing where she was busy winning gold medals at every contest. Well, the guys over at Seba just introduced her as their newest team member in this sweet video piece filmed by Anthony Finocchiaro on location in Venice beach, and that is some exciting news indeed: welcome back Kaya!

Seba is extremely proud to welcome back on skates, the multiple world champion, and multiple X-Games gold medalist in Slopestyle ski, Kaya Turski.
Riding is about balance, but also about mind opening, and Kaya is part of these rare riders who are not afraid to come across various disciplines and sports, and who understand that a global practice will help a particular performance.
This is totally in line with the Seba philosophy, and we hope that Kaya will once more be a role model and a trend setter, to demonstrate that inline skating is good for you, and can help to develop your skills.
Welcome back to inline skating Kaya, and enjoy the ride!

Visit the Seba website here: sebaskates.com
Follow their page for more updates: facebook.com/SEBASkatesStreet
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