Jenna Downing receives Pro Skate from Razors, donates 100% of Profit to Breast Cancer Care

Razors Jenna Downing Pro SL Skate Commercial

This video documents some very rare footage of Jenna competing at contests throughout her career, with a voice over from skating legend Arlo Eisenberg during the World Championship Finals. Directed by Simon Mulvaney the producer of the Ground Control DVD filmed at Rampworx Skatepark.

During the process of designing the skate, Jenna suffered from a Breast Cancer scare and decided that she wanted to draw awareness to the dangers of Breast Cancer that affect women across the world. This has been symbolised by having a pink ribbon on the side of the skate. However, Jenna didn’t want to stop there as she has agreed to donate 100% of the profit she would make from this skate to Breast Cancer Care to help support their continued research.


  1. Razors Super Light Boot
  2. Razors SL Cuff
  3. Ground Control Featherlight 2 Frames
  4. Jenna Downing Pro Wheel
  5. Titen Abec 9 Bearings
  6. Jenna Downing Razors Liner
  7. Razors Black SL Soul Plate
  8. Razors White Soul Inserts
  9. Razors Black Backslide Plate

Find more info about Jennas Pro Skate on her homepage here.

We’re preparing an interview with Jenna at the moment to bring you more insight into this milestone of Jennas career! Stay tuned!