FISE Montpellier 2010 Live-update (Day 4): Girls finals, Spine Finals & RSA 2010

Hello everybody,

Time is running fast and so is the FISE.
Today the girls competition went down and it was good to see that the level is rising every year. 
No Jenna Downing this year but all the French ladies plus Friederike Reisch from Germany.
Friederike skated on 3rd place with great style, a good line and high level tricks like we knew of her. Seems like she is back on track after her knee surgery.
Manon Derrien is the new star in the French girls scene and with good style. She did some of the most technique coping tricks plus a super safe fishbrain at the rainbow rail. A well deserved first place for her.
Afterwards the day continued at the spine miniramp and like always the Frenchies turned into machines. Its hard to find such “back to back” runs with uncountable spins and flips.
Anthony Avella proved that he is far from being done. After his run it was hard to find words for it. Higher then anybody, crazier spins and flips and some fullcap grinds as well. First place for him and nothing to say about that.
For sure we also need to mention Roman Abrate and Julien Cudot who went nuts as well. But you know that already. 
From the international point of view we got people like Jeff Stockwell or Dominik Wagner who killed it with endless enjoyable lines. Pleasure for your eyes, thats for sure!

And something else went on. The local skaters organized a little real street competition in between. For that they build a perfect coping ledge around 10 meters long, down some stairs. After a wild  switchup spin session and fast grinds they moved to a steeeeep kinkrail to give skaters the chance to hop the kink. Good times and for sure a cool idea to fill up the waiting spots between the park competitions.

And thats it about day 4. Besides the weird weather which is switching between mega sun, hard wind and a little rain, we are having a great time again. The FISE is nothing but enjoyable we cant wait to see whats up with the PROs tomorrow!
Talk to you soon!