Blade Check: Jeph Howard

With winning the IMYTA and producing countless video parts over the past decade, Jeph Howard made himself a name that can’t be ignored. He’s got an Undercover wheel with his name on it and some say it’s just a matter of time till he is moving to the Pro ranks of a boot company.
Let’s take a look on his ride…

Pictures by John Haynes (
Boot: Razors Grey SL boot with white cuff.
Wheels: My glow in the dark Undercover pro wheel
Frames: Kizer White Fluid 4s
Liner: Jug
Bearings: Powerslide twin cam Swiss.
Why did I choose this setup: Just an all-around good skate. Kizer are the best frames, Razors are the best blades, Undercover are the best wheels!
Anything I plan to change: Maybe some new wheels in a few days haha. Feel good right now.