Blade Check: Brett Dasovic

Brett Dasovic from Minneapolis / Minnesota is one of USD’s finest Amateur riders. He is well known for his spot selection and his ability to make the most out of the smallest possible obstacle. Where others only recognize a handrail, he will find different ways to pull a trick. It’s time to take a look on his ride.

Boot: USD Sagona UFS throne
Wheels: Eulogy Dalnas 57 mm
Bearings: Bones Swiss
Frames: Create originals Gray
Liner: Jug Black Sox (size 6)
Cuff: Black USD V cut (always with legacy cuff bolts)
Buckle: Teal USD
Soul Plates: Rear plate- teal
Front plate: Gray
Backslide plate: n/a (part of soul)

Describe your personal blade set up:
Simple and functional, The UFS throne is beautiful in its simplicity, no unneeded bolts which means parts can be changed with little effort allowing easy customization. Slip the skate on, buckle up and get to blading. For details, lets start up top and work down.The Jug Black Sox liner is pure comfort especially during long sessions, the shell is slim and gives control without sacrifing stability. The duel plate means my royals and souls feel at home on any surface. Create frames let me switch off between flat rocker and crack rocker without a worry. The eulogy wheels on the bottom will outlast the competition and never let you down.

What parts do you wear through the quickest:
I tend to skate rough surfaces and the sides of my soul plates suffer the most because of it.

What part do you break most often:
I dont break parts much, bearings get ruined in the winter easily and I destroy buckles like its a career.

Which parts are you paranoid about breaking:
Buckles and bolts.

What spares/tools do you keep in your backpack:
Extra frames and wheels in bag at all times. Extra star allen wrench as well.

Where do your parts go once you are done with them?
Offer them up to friends first. All wheels go into a huge bin when I finish them. Anyone who needs extra wheels can take them at any time.

Flat or Freestyle:
Flat and crack rocker, depends on my mood!

Anything you plan to change on you current setup?
New color schemes are always on the horizon, I like to give the other UFS throne bladers ideas for their next set up!