Blade Check: Josh Nielsen

Living in Australia doesn’t make it easy to get recognition on an international level when it comes to blading. Not too many bladers from down under manage to pick up sponsors or travel the world for free. Mostly it requires a lot of dedication, money and patience.

One of the most dedicated Australian bladers at the moment might be Josh Nielsen. The young and friendly man is traveling Europe for the second summer in a row and wherever he appears he makes sure to leave his mark. Be it for his technical blading or his huge smile, he has something you will remember. If he keeps on doing his thing, chances are big he will be the next one picking up sponsors, and who knows, maybe spend some more summers in Europe! For now we are looking forward to watching his clips in Vine Street’s Chapter II and wanted to take a closer look at his ride.


Words: Johannes Jacobi
Photography: Adam Kola

Boot: USD Franky carbon 3’s

Wheels: 4SQAIR

Bearings: Not sure

Frames: GC F1XS

Cuff: Carbon 4 cuff

Buckle: Straps

Soul plates: USD carbon


Describe your personal setup:
Dark and mysterious.

What parts do you wear through quickest?
Definitely wheels.

What part do you break most often?

Which parts are you paranoid about breaking?
Rounding off UFS bolts ahhh!

Where do your parts go once you are done with them?
Either in the hoarding dungeon or in the bin.

Flat or freestyle?
Generally anti-rocker but I’m rolling freestyle at the moment.

Rhodes-ao unity_050

Anything you plan to change on your current setup?
Planning on some new booties because I’ve had these for a long while.

Do you skate different setups for different terrains?
Same for park and street but when it comes to city cruising, gotta slap on them big wheels.

What was your very first skate setup?
Roces M12s

What was the best setup you’ve had to date?
The skates I have at the moment. Probably why I haven’t departed with them yet.

Could you describe your dream setup?
Frames. 8 down at 64-66mm for those bigger styled parks to maintain more speed without overly compromising grinds. That would be pretty cool.





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