Blade Check: Evert Lubja

If it is important to emphasize on one’s smile, it is because it does say a lot about an indivual’s mindset and personality indeed. And when it comes to Estonia’s very own Evert Lubja, his smile not only accurately sums up his positive character but also how welcoming the local blading scene is as a whole. Further evidence to back up that statement can be seen in Rene Lutterus‘ full-length video Workoholics, which was conveniently released online just a few hours ago!

Evert’s opening section is without a doubt one of the highlights of the video, and seeing how much this smiling man loves to blade, it doesn’t really come as a surprise either! Shredding hard, but also attending as many events as possible, organizing contests in Estonia, and even traveling to the US last year, the Remz and Ground Control team rider is truly active on and off the blades: high time we catch up with Evert and take a look behind the smile!


Words: Freddy White
Photography: Rene Lutterus & Jürgen Voolaid

Boot: Remz Nils Jansons 1.5

Wheels: Street Urethane Bambis

Bearings: Kaltik abec 9

Frames: GC featherlite 2 red

Liner: Remz stock

Cuff: Remz stock

Buckle: Remz stock

Soul Plates: True balance Remz

Backslide Plate: True balance Remz


Describe your personal blade set up:
Remz Nils Jansons 1.5, pretty much stock with some hockey laces.

What parts do you wear through the quickest:
Frames, and I also tend to crack the boot once a year.

What part do you break most often:

Which parts are you paranoid about breaking:
Soulplates and getting stuck thanks to that.

What spares/tools do you keep in your backpack:
Nothing much, maybe a lost allen key in there.

Where do your parts go once you are done with them?
Usually to the trash can because I tend to destroy parts and skates.


Flat or Freestyle:
Anti-rocker, but gotta love those BIG´s with some Circolo 68mm.

Anything you plan to change on you current setup?
Gonna change the liner to a Jug liner.

Do you skate different setups for different terrain?
Usually I skate anti-rocker but when I’m in a cruise mood I put the BIG´s on, no difference if it’s park or street.

What was your very first skate setup?
Rollerblade TRS Downtown´s

What was the best setup you’ve had to date?
The one I’m on right now. Freedom of feet !

Could you describe your dream setup?
All black everything.





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