Chemi Simiyu is an up and coming rollerblader living in Missoula, Montana, who was introduced to the TRS Rollerblade team late last year. He’s not afraid to go big on the skates, and he can also finesse it when appropriate.

It’s hard to say if Chemi Simiyu’s skating was influenced in any way by the fact that he’s from Fargo, North Dakota, where the Coen brothers’ classic Fargo movie masterpiece is situated. We’ll just hope his frames and wheels allow him to continue doing front torques effortlessly on ledges so that he doesn’t go off and try to push somebody through a wood chipper. Well, that would make the news, though.

Be-Mag is talking to Chemi to arrange an exclusive in the near future, but until then, here’s his Blade Check.

Image 7-29-16 at 1.06 PM (2)
Words: Josip Jagić
Photography: Dustin Spengler

Boot: Rollerblade Solo Team 2016

Wheels: Rollerblade Hydrogen 58mm 88a

Bearings: Rollerblade

Symetrics 60mm Flat Frame V2

Liner:Blank 2016

Cuff: Rollerblade New Jack 5

Buckle: Rollerblade New Jack 5

Soul Plates: Solo 16’

Backslide Plate: Solo 16’

Image 7-29-16 at 1.06 PM (5)
Describe your personal blade set up: I rock a 7 boot with an 8 1/2 Blank liner, i like to take the laces out of my Blank Liners to save time putting on/taking off boots and replace the stock cuff for New Jack 5 to make up for support lost taking out laces, then i just put on 8 Circolo or Rollerblade Brand wheels depending on the sizes/hardness available at that time.What parts do you wear through the quickest:Soul Plates
What part do you break most often: I don’t break parts very often, but if i do it’s usually a wheel or my soul plate.

Image 7-29-16 at 1.06 PM (1)
Which parts are you paranoid about breaking: My wheels for sure, always have spares

What spares/tools do you keep in your backpack: Everything ya need! Tools, Rub Brick, Camera, Wheels, Bearings, Souls, Stickers, Hardware, Wax, Papers

Where do your parts go once you are done with them?
Usually give em away to whoever’s around or I see blading next or save em for spare parts

Flat or Freestyle: Flat

Image 7-29-16 at 1.06 PM (4)
Anything you plan to change on you current setup? I typically only switch my wheels and bearings after the initial set up, the latest change to my set up would be the cuff switch which has made my set up most ideal

Do you skate different setups for different terrain? I skate Metroblade C 80mm if i’m going to be skating spot to spot, or Macroblade 90mm if i’m going for distance; both from Rollerblade Brand.

What was your very first skate setup? I had a pair of TRS Jr Adjustable blades for my first 6 months, they were way to small for me, but i wanted to grind and it’s all the mall had

Could you describe your dream setup? Honestly my set up now is right there, maybe switch out the insoles but i like a blade to be slim to my foot and supportive to my ankle but have a good flex when doing tricks yet stiffer feeling rolling around.

Image 7-29-16 at 1.06 PM (3)

Image 7-29-16 at 1.06 PM

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