Nils Jansons’ Perception, the promo video for his new BHC 64mm wheel dropped like a ton of bricks last week. Nils has been out of commision for some time now due to injuries, but Perception put him back into the limelight faster than a sex scandal would a former reality TV star. His injuries have put him off filming for a while, but he couldn’t wait anymore to get back to blading, so instead of waiting to fully heal, he filmed Perception, which turned to be one of the best park sections we’ve seen in a long while.

NilsJansons_Perception-29 copy
Words: Josip Jagić
Photography: Kaspars Alksnis

With the resources they had, Nils says they’re pretty happy how it turned out, as the goal was to entertain: “It takes a huge budget to make proper “movie” but we didn’t have big financial support behind it. With big sponsors behind projects like this we could go up to 5 minutes and take it to the streets. I’m just beyond thankful to all the people I had by my side that helped it all happen

The focus was on the whole project as a whole was different: “I adapted tricks to what would fit good to certain locations in the park so we can get the best shots. Since I was skating injured I didn’t go as big as I would like to. While avoiding any unnecessary risk I just wanted to do some cool moves. Show different perspective of how blading can be entertaining while still keeping it real”.

NilsJansons_Perception-31 copy

Nils has been on that flat skating tip for a while now, that’s why he went for the 64mm wheel, he says he’s enjoying that size the most right now, claims it’s the perfect flat setup with GC Mega frames and still works nicely on any other frame for antirockered setup. Also, good he was kind enough to let us know there’s a new Remz team skate about to hit the market in the next days. For a new pro skate from him, maybe we’ll see another one next year.
“I’m not planning on skating any contests this year as I don’t yet feel in best physical condition. I can’t skate competitions without going to the maximum. So at this time that would just put me under risk of getting injured which I really am not interested in. I rather will prepare myself and work on some new video project which for me is something more lasting and special”.

Wheel available
Watch video:

NilsJansons_Perception-1 copy

NilsJansons_Perception-2 copy

NilsJansons_Perception-3 copy

NilsJansons_Perception-5 copy

NilsJansons_Perception-7 copy

NilsJansons_Perception-8 copy

NilsJansons_Perception-9 copy

NilsJansons_Perception-11 copy

NilsJansons_Perception-13 copy

NilsJansons_Perception-14 copy

NilsJansons_Perception-15 copy


NilsJansons_Perception-17 copy

NilsJansons_Perception-19 copy

NilsJansons_Perception-20 copy

NilsJansons_Perception-21 copy

NilsJansons_Perception-22 copy

NilsJansons_Perception-23 copy

NilsJansons_Perception-24 copy

NilsJansons_Perception-25 copy

NilsJansons_Perception-26 copy

NilsJansons_Perception-28 copy

NilsJansons_Perception-30 copy

NilsJansons_Perception-33 copy

NilsJansons_Perception-34 copy

NilsJansons_Perception-35 copy

NilsJansons_Perception-45 copy

NilsJansons_Perception-51 copy

NilsJansons_Perception-52 copy


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