Rollerbladers tend to look at stuff differently than the regular person. Even though this transfers to many facets of our human existence, it’s most common when looking at architecture. Rollerbladers look at ledges, stair gaps and rails as a canvas for their expression or obstacles they need to conquer, depending on how they see rollerblading itself.

The French have a term for it:Déformation professionnelle, meaning a tendency to look at things from the point of view of one’s own profession rather than from a broader perspective. It is often translated as “professional deformation” or “job conditioning,” though French déformation can also be translated as “distortion.” The implication is that professional training, and its related socialization, often result in a distortion of the way one views the world.

And thanks to the people behind Spot Slayer, rollerbladers now have an app to help us with our “professional deformation”, to help us remember what went down at a spot, be it a ledge, a famous rail or a cult stair set, such as the El Toro, who did the most and the best tricks there, and to try and one-up the people skated it before.
The mobile application developed by long time blading enthousiast Lior Zelering is available at the AppStore. It allows you to film yourself skating the spot and earn points for your blading skills, awarded by a team of judges with over two decades of blading experience.
Not only points, the best skaters at some of the hardest spots will get money prizes.


The app was developed, with the help of, among others, the incredibly talented Bobby Spassov, one of the most interesting bladers to hit the scene in the past few years.

In the words of the developing team, Spot Slayer will give bladers the opportunity to showcase their skills, gain international recognition and respect among their peers and give back to their sponsors.
Become a Spot Slayer by downloading the app here, and start slaying!





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