Beastmaster Thoughts

In my old age I have become very fond of making excuses or rationalizing things….especially skating.  Now rather than hitting a trick over and over again to land it clean I settle for a rough landing thinking “I did it, that’s good enough for me”.  Or more often than not I blame it on my work and the 50 hours I spend there a week and how my body doesn’t have much energy after that.   Or rather than having a whole day to blade and get stuff accomplished I only have the space between 6:15pm when I get home from work and 8pm when me and the wifey have plans.  Growing up definitely has its ups…. but in a blade world it more often than not has it’s downs.  Today was a beautiful day and Manuel was going to help me shoot my One Spot/One Minute edit that Be-mag asked me to do.  I had the song picked out, the intro in my mind and the tricks I wanted to get.  After landing the first trick on my list I went on to try the second; a zero spin alley oop top porn.  As a result of me really liking gritty spots I pay for liking really gritty spots and rip my cuerpo apart.  Now this fall really didn’t hurt but the blood was dripping and I had nothing to wrap it with and time was running out.  Anyhow, this is one of my favorite spots.  One that Kaycee and I put together; mason stoned and quikcreted.  The edit will be completed but due to Jana and my plans it will just have to happen another day……..

– William Anderson