Be-Mag Shop: First Birthday Celebration

It is quite a special birthday we are celebrating here at Be-Mag! One of our most ambitious projects ever, our very own shop just turned one year old, and if it doesn’t get its own birthday cake, the Be-Mag shop anniversary is something we would like to celebrate with you nonetheless!


At this point, we all know blading is going through hard times, and that’s why we are even happier to see our Be-Mag shop develop and steadily increase its range of products while offering the best of what blading has to offer to a growing number of happy customers worldwide!

While some lay low as they wait for better days, and others invest their own money out of pure dedication for blading, our goal here at Be-Mag always was to build a project that would be able to sustain itself while delivering constant updates and creating quality content.

Throughout the years, it meant creating several side projects to help support the magazine. With the decline of the industry, and the subsequent decrease of revenue through online & print ads, we had to go one step further, and thus launched the Be-Mag shop just a year ago!

So when you shop here at Be-Mag, not only do you help support some of the best products and companies blading has to offer, you also help support this very magazine in its mission to keep on providing the world with the very best stories and blade coverage to date!

So all that being said, we would like to thank you all, dear readers, customers & blade enthusiasts! Thank you for your continued support, thank you for pushing us to keep on working hard, and thank you for helping us create a strong blade community all around the globe!

Here is to a happy anniversary, and many more to come!!!

The Be-Mag staff


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