Dear readers, rollerbladers and friends,

We are very excited to announce the next step in the future of Be-Mag.
What once started as a simple newsletter evolved into a print magazine and your go-to source online and on social media for all skating related stories and interviews.

During the past 21 years, which makes Be-Mag the single longest running publication in rollerblading history, we have seen companies rise and fall, dedicated people pouring their hearts, souls and money in skating, and we managed to grow up with the sport.

Through times good and bad, Be-Mag kept going. You have seen us cover rollerblading in almost every corner of the world with the help of dedicated individuals and groups. Together, we witnessed trends come and go and rollerblading becoming one of the most exciting and dedicated communities in all sports and subcultures.

Shrinking demographics and almost non-existent advertising budgets made us look into different ways of financing the publication, while all the time promoting rollerblading and rollerbladers to the best of our judgement, abilities and capabilities. As publishers, we found other, non-orthodox ways of funding, such as launching our online store.

This has enabled us to continue.

To keep running Be-Mag in the future, we’re announcing our partnership with the experienced and well-renown Danish retailer SkatePro, starting with the beginning of October.

SkatePro was founded by Jakob Høy Biegel 20 years ago. As a blader, Jakob Høy Biegel had a big passion for freeskating, aggressive blading and inline hockey. Today SkatePro has grown into one of the biggest online skate shops in Europe, selling all kinds of skating equipment. SkatePro also has over 65 team riders and many bladers on their staff.
SkatePro is true to its roots and is proud to give skaters, riders and bladers the best advice, good service and product offering to help them follow their passion.

As a dedicated supporter of rollerblading with a history as long as Be-Mag’s, SkatePro is commited, along with the Be-Mag publishing and editorial team and staff, to help grow Be-Mag and rollerblading today and in the future.

Be-Mag will be run as in the past, an independent publication constantly bringing you the newest and the best rollerblading has to offer. Our valued content and social platforms, such as the webpage, along with our legendary Messageboard and Facebook community, with the support of SkatePro, will continue to grow and expand. We will keep bringing you new stories, covering competitions, talking to the stalwarts and upcoming stars of rollerblading, reviewing videos, and connecting rollerbladers from all around the world.

The Be-Mag Staff