I like fine dining. The price is high, but the experience is usually worth it. You get seated by a waiter, you are suggested fine wine to pair with every course. And every plate you are served is made with utmost respect for the ingredients, they’re treated to bring out the best out of them, both in texture and taste. You observe the dish in front of you, you try to savor every flavor and color, you take a sip of wine and realise that it’s probably the best pairing possible, like sea bass and pinot gris.

Words and screenshots: Josip Jagić

However, I can’t and won’t eat in a Michelin star restaurant on a regular basis. You see, it’s not fine dining that made me realise there’s more to food than just sustenance. It was when I first started noticing how good simple, tasty meals made me feel, and how they bring out that feeling of familiarity. You know, the type of food that’s made with love to look good and taste even better, like steak and mashed potatoes with gravy. Or a Balkan classic like the sarma, a delicious dish that consists of minced meat and rice in a pickled cabbage roll. It has everything, minus the pretence and pose of a dinner in a fine, expensive restaurant.

This is what Adria Saa’s Barcelona 92 is. It’s a strong, familiar dish made to make you feel good about rollerblading. Let’s start with the visuals. The camera work and the editing are just clean, there’s nothing drawing your attention away from the skating, no filler, thanks to Marc Moreno.

Then there’s Barcelona, however played out you thought it was, still has more and better spots than you thought. The soundtrack: Michael Jackson. Honestly, there’s a few MJ tracks that should never make their way into a skating video, but this was not one of them. It complemented Adria’s skating perfectly an gave an atmosphere of youthful carelessness even though he’s a true veteran of the Catalan scene. Adria goes big, skates fast but still acknowledges the latest trends in blading in his trick selection, but with a sense of humor, which makes for a great mix. This is deffinitely a great addition to Be-Mag’s list of VODs in 2018, and a hidden favorite for profile VOD of the year. If you’re into people skating big and clean, this will be worth the price of a glass of beer.

Get the video here.