Arguably the GOAT, Alex Broskow doesn’t give many interviews. Mike Powell caught up with the Broski, and you can listen to it here.

Alex Broskow’s life is full of juxtapositions. From dropping out of high school and moving into the dorms of the University of Kansas to being an athlete who is looked at as one of the best to ever participate in his sport…but couldn’t afford groceries. This rare interview dives deep into the world of skating, travel and all that comes with being a pro athlete (minus money).

Alex Broskow Show Notes

:57: how did Alex end up back in Kansas

2:30: Alex works full time at a warehouse. Crazy for one of the best skaters in the world

3:52: Born and raised in Kansas City and growing up playing hockey and getting into inline

8:17: Realizing he was good at inline and being on the Gatorbladers.

9:15: Midwest skating and being taken under the wing of the older crew, not getting caught up in the wrong thing and going on road trips to Eisenbergs

11:29: Alex’s influences in skating

12:40: Evo (listen for special offer) and (Listen for 10% off your first order with DCS 15)

14:19: Moving to Florida and what that was like for him

17:40: Moving back to Kansas (to Brenton Wheeler’s house) and eventually the dorms at the University of Kansas with Adam Johnson and did he finish high school.

21:00: Shooting for the KFC videos

24:00: How does he do in contests and how much is he making?

26:43: Setting trends and is that something that is crazy to him?

28:25: How does he deal with the shit talking that happens to rollerbladers?

31:00: Starting Vibralux and Dead Wheels

33:10: When did he realize skating wouldn’t pay the bills and who had a career that was cut short by alcohol or drugs. And thoughts Aaron Feinberg

36:45: KCMO and what Kelso said on The Mushroom Blading podcast

40:00: Can he still do the hammers that he used to and the Champagne movie in DVD format

42:51: Top skaters of all time

44:20: Does he regret not playing hockey longer?

45:23: Gap to rail with Ben Weis back in the day.

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