On this installment of A Frame At A Time, we bring you Netherlands native, talented filmer and 35mm enthusiast, Cavin Brinkman to give us insight into his life and travels with a disposable camera.
Photos | Words By Cavin Brinkman @Cavin035
Produced by Jonathan Labez @JMLabez

What a fun project this was! When I talked to Jonathan, I said I would be super busy in June. The first 10 days with Dominic Bruce, then a week in London with my girlfriend, coming home to a packed house with Yuto Goto, Sem Croft, Freddy White, and Nils Jansons for urban sports week Amsterdam, and straight after that at the end of the month I would be leaving on a 6 week Euro tour with 30 Seconds to Mars. Before leaving while filming Yuto and Nils, I had to develop the disposable, scan, and color correct the images. Busy times, but fun times. Since I shoot a lot of analog in my daily life, this was relatively easy. Because I was super busy, I took note of the questions and winged my interpretations of them.

Go out there and enjoy life the way YOU want it. – Cavin B

A store I visit often
Since my girlfriend is a tattoo artist, I visit her shop a lot to hang or get tattooed. You can see her work, give her a follow, or come get tatted when you visit us @1.800.amour at @dogdaystudio

First place I cruised to today
Today, Dominic Bruce and I had a rest day, so we biked to ‘This Is Soul’ skate shop in Amsterdam for some new Razors skates. As usual, my dog[s] joined us. This week I only had Elliot since my girlfriend took Milo to Paris for the week.

Where did I end my day
Last day of filming, we ended the sesh at the letter spot in Rotterdam. These skate ramp letters were built for a skateboard expo and were located all over the city. After the event, they got stored in this little square. Made a small edit there with Sem, Sebas, and Kenny.

Friends I was with today
Davie Nijenbrink and Dominic in Zwolle at a sick spot. I found out about the spot through some skateboarders and went deep into social media to find the location. Keep your eyes peeled to see what these 2 did there.

My best friend Gijs visited me in Amsterdam from London, sitting alongside my pup, Elliot. Gijs and I have known each other for DOG knows how many years. Fellow straight edge vegan buddy who use to live in Amsterdam but moved to London for his girl (so far for bro,s before ho,s). I actually got his face tattooed on my leg few weeks ago.

Something I cherish
My girl and my puppies. If you follow me on Instagram, you know that these are everything to me. I saved my last 2 shots on the camera for this. My girl was in Paris at her parents all week, so I had to save 2 shots to capture them. I arrived in Paris after spending 10 days with Dominic in the Netherlands just to catch a train to London straight after for my girl’s guest spot at a tattoo studio for the week.

Something I support
Animal Liberation and Animal Rights. This world sucks and I hate humanity. Animals suffer for the need of humans. FUCK YOU. GO VEGAN! THE TIME IS NOW!

Something I came across
As a filmer/skater, you always see the crazy stuff. Since I also shoot a lot of 35 mm photos, I kinda like weird stuff on the street, so this was an easy search. Feel free to follow my analog adventures on @outonthestreetsagain

Rotterdam — Another example of fucked up humanity. We eat unborn creatures.

Amsterdam — In the Netherlands, this is a super common thing – dogs on scooters bikes.

Zwolle — Hooligans everywhere. Fuck soccer though.

Paris, France — No words needed. Roller flower girl.

Amsterdam — Hopeless romantics.

Zwolle — This was pretty cool, seeing a jet fighter on a parking lot.

What’s in my bag and what can’t I leave the house without
I always carry a knife to protect what’s in my bag. My PANASONIC HVX171 with MK2 century optics lens, batteries, and the whole package.

Something people rarely see from me
I am pretty tattooed and an assumption from people is that you don’t feel anything when you have that many tattoos. WRONG!!! It fucking hurt. The older you get, the more pain it does. Here is my good friend Alex hurting me for 30 minutes. Never sweat that much during a tattoo. Follow his thick black work on @antifuturism.

Cavin Brinkman lives in Amsterdam, Netherlands. Follow him on Instagram here

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