A Frame At A Time is a new editorial series produced by Jonathan Labez, where we assign a rollerblader a 35mm disposable camera and ask them to document the important aspects of their day to day lives. This installment focuses on Detroit talent Brian Weis.

Ayyy everybody! B Weis here. I guess the loss of my first disposable camera on a trip to Seattle explains a little about myself. This is round 2. Haha. I hope my words and photos will give you a look into me navigating life on this ole rock. I loved the idea for this project and was psyched when asked to shoot for it. Cheers to Jonathan for his idea! I enjoy how candid, playful, and fun a disposable can be, so I came at it from that perspective. Appreciate y’all tuning in and here’s how my story turned out. 

Cheers y’all!


It pays to be a punctual early riser kinda fella. Before meetings, I’m crushing that foosball on the co workers. I do UX/UI work and sometimes this is how we get them creative juices flowin’. This is usually my opponent’s goal if ya feel me. 


This is the crew — them wheel boys, stone cold game crushers. Had these good lookin’ gents recreate a favorite poster of mine from my dad’s Black Sabbath ‘Master of Reality’ album. Hug your loved ones and just flat out tell ‘em how ya feel and that ya love ‘em. RIP my old man. 

2 of Myspace ‘Top 8’ right here. Left and right gloves of Joe and Louis aka ‘The Detroit blade scene.’ Both solid gentlemen in life and it’s definitely a pleasure to create with these to heavy hitters. Typical Wednesday session in the warmer months. 

“Gon’ sk8” – Sk8rs gon’ is just a funny thing I always say because at the end of the day, it’s just flat out fun to be on skates regardless of tricks, industry, etc. Skating is just flat out the most fun you can have and no matter what, I’m probably just gonna skate. 

 Man, lots in this one. That striped angel right there is baby Frida aka ‘Goose’ aka ‘Spice.’ Found her in a drain with her bros and sis’, she was but a couple weeks old. She’s two now and we ride or die. Skates are all I need, so I take that bag everywhere. And lastly on that bag is the homie Koda Hult’s band ‘The True Blue.’ Get in touch with your feels and give these boys your ears if ya get a chance.


 Delta City Open road crew this year. I love being able to see everyone at events, share some good times and some laughs. Just a couple skaters cruising through like a hardcore band on tour. Something about riding in a van while skating just brings that tour vibe. It’s the best! 

This is more poor attempt at a shot of Detroit, MI. The view is from one of many abandoned buildings made skateable over the years. Thanks to our community, the skateboard community putting in some great ideas and hard work and just being badasses, its been a fun and interesting city to skate/live in. 

I love coffee. I love walking and shooting photos. This is Cafe 1923 and it’s my hometown ‘lil coffee nook. I usually walk to this bad boy before work/skating, snap a couple photos on the walk, collect my thoughts, snag a coffee, and then head out to crush life. 

 I shoot photos for freelance stuff sometimes. This was a zainy sign in an upstairs area of a place I was shooting in.  Needed another couple rolls to show you the crazy stuff up there. 

This is a paczki costume. I live in Hamtramck, which is in Detroit. I call it ham sandwich haha. It used to be a mainly Polish town, now largely Yemeni/Bangladeshi. I shoot photos for a company here and this is a costume of a paczki, which the owner dresses up in every year for Fat Tuesday.

This is a standard B Weis silhouette snap. That very nice young woman right there is Monique. Her boyfriend, Alex Hancook, rents a studio space at the infamous Russell building that is near my place. They make an awesome welcoming space for everybody to create in. He built a bunch of stuff to skate and man, does it feel like the 1999 MTV Sports n’ Music fest up in there. 

Brian Weis lives and works in Hamtramck, Michigan. Follow him on Instagram here