‘A Frame At A Time‘ is a new editorial series produced by Jonathan Labez, where Be-Mag assigns a rollerblader a 35mm disposable camera and ask them to document the important aspects of their day to day lives.  This installment focuses on Brian ‘BFree’ Freeman.
Photos | Words by Brian Freeman @Bfreebfree

Back in January, when Jonathan first hit me up about an idea that involved a disposable 35mm camera, I was immediately excited to try it out. I just recently picked up a [film] camera after many years of being around them. I never really took the time to slow down and appreciate the art of photography, so this opportunity was a blessing and also a gift to be able to share my eyes with you for a day. Much Luv — B Free

It’s 7am and day 578 [of the 30 day blade challenge]. Pack my bag for the day, get the family off to work and school.

Stopping by my parent’s spot in the morning is always important to me. Love is the most powerful force—don’t forget that.

Just after running around and getting errands done before its time to pick my family up. This is my favorite part of the day. There is nothing more beautiful in this life than hearing your loved ones say, “ I missed you.”

“Kalypso…Kick It—Say cheese.” We love our dog very much. She is an American Bully.

My mini me. Our lil’ ham sandwich getting ready for a much needed nap. My family is special to me as I’m sure yours are to you. This is the last view I see everyday before leaving house to go blade. Motivation at its purest.

Now that the fam is home, I can make sure I have everything I need for today’s session teaching kids.

Packing up the car and hitting the road.

“De’Youth“ — it’s all about this right here. Our culture needs this more than anything. S/o to Rob[last name] for having helped make this happen!

I wanted to get a lot more shots of the kids with their blades on, but they were so excited and ready to skate. I was swamped with kids all around me asking, “Can I Blade?” Glad I got these!

As soon as the lesson was over, I hit up the JSF president, ESG, to come link up to go seshh.

ESG got a message on IG from Maxime Genoud saying he was in town for few days and wanted to link up with us. We told him to get on the nearest Bart and head to Oakland.

First time meeting Maxime. I already knew he was officially a part of our crew while he was here. Switzerland in the Bay!

“Where we gunna blade?” is always the question of the day. It’s also one of the best parts of being a skater — finding new spots.

Luckily for us, the rain was off and on. We found a cool covered spot that we’ve never skated before.

Ivan Narez met up with us too and we ended up getting some great photos. Maxime got a dope back torque going mock 10 (just super fast.) ESG was hyped on the pics! We had a fun sesh. (Thanks Ivan for using your burrito wrapper to fix the spot.)

As the sky started clearing up, we figured lets get a sesh at my hometown park. TownPark is a local skate park that was shaped and molded by the town and K.Dub. It’s my second Dojo. (1st dojo is the round rock skate park in Texas.)

Some people are just meant to blade. Ivan is of them. It’s always a reflection when I see my friends who I look up to still doing what they love and going after what makes them happy. I’m grateful beyond measure for the friends and family that are in my life.

And that’s a wrap! End our sesh at TownPark on a day that turned out beautiful and surprising. All in a day’s work. #letsgetitforever

Brian Freeman lives and works in Oakland, California. Follow him on Instagram @BfreeBfree

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