Chicago’s Windy City Riot means continuity. It’s the longest running real street competition series in rollerblading, with it’s first edition going way back to 2002, making this year’s WCR the fifteenth consecutive annual comp, and we here at Be-Mag would like to congratulate the people behind the organization. This year, WCR was organized by Chris McCormick, but let’s not forget the people behind the prior WCRs, Travis Conn, Collin Martin and Anthony Esquivel, the heavyweights of Chicago rollerblading. This year’s WCR was obviously a success, considering the crowd it drew, as you can
see in the edit made by our old friend Tri Tri-Rudolf.

The results:
1st: Paul John
2nd: Luke Naylor
3rd: Michael Froemling
4th: Zack Waszkiewicz

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