THC’s $PAIN: Now Available on VOD

After a year of serious shredding and hard work, Dustin Werbeski and the THC crew have finally released their full-length $PAIN flick online! Featuring Carson Starnes, Nick Lomax, Mathias von Gostomski, Sam Crofts, Danny Aldridge & Dustin himself, along with the extended crew of homies passing through the streets of Barcelona, this 45 minutes movie is something you don’t want to miss: shoot the guys some beer money and treat yourself with something good!

Download $PAIN here for $6,99:

From the creators of the skating short “PREQUEL” comes their awaited sequel, in form of a full-length blade film entitled “$PAIN“. Documenting the good and rad times, of an ever growing crew (THC) throughout one year in the epic city of Barcelona. Based on a true crew story.

Watch THC’s Prequel here:

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