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Robert Guerrero Leaves Rollerblade

Robert Guerrero, the legendary OG blader from the Bay Area has just announced through his Facebook page that he now parts ways with boot sponsor Rollerblade. It might come as a surprise, considering the great section he recently put together for f33t, but we know he has plenty of other interests to pursue in life, and wish him all the best in the future! Now it will only double the pleasure to see him perform live during Winterclash, and word on the street is he has a new boot sponsor, so stay tuned for more info on that one!

Hey Blade family,
Since most my followers are here on Facebook, I will use this platform to share with you this update. After 8 years of amazing support From Tom Hyser and Rollerblade, the time has come for me to venture out into new interests in life. I am MORE then grateful for what Tom Hyser and TRS Rollerblade have done for me in these last 8 years. If it was not for Tom and Rollerblade and their belief in me and my abilities I would have never come back into the industry back in 2007, and had another opportunity to travel and share this love of mine that has saved my life, and changed it for the better on all levels.

Thank you Tom Hyser, thank you Rollerblade, and a BIG BIG BIG thanks for everyone who has supported me over the years. Whether you have bought any one of my 3 pro skates from Rollerblade, or simply left me a kind message or comment on here showing love and support, you have all brought me HUGE smiles and have kept me going all these years. Keep the positivity flowing through the internet. It needs it!
Thank you thank you thank you!!!!!!!!
– Robert Guerrero

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