Pop Contest 2014: Edit, pics and results

It seems like there is no better place than Canada to ever be called “Mr. Popular” thanks to rollerblading. This year again, the Pop Contest took place in Tsawwassen and it sure looked like another successful event! Here are the full results of the day, along with this sweet little edit brought to you by the Digital Media division of Beer in Hand Productions and some great photos taken by Marian Sorge.

Edit: Darren Potts
Photos: Marian Sorge

The Popularity Contest:
1. Dustin Jamieson (Mr. Popular 2014)
2. Tommy Chung
3. Dallas Kurtz

Nathan ‘SG’ St-Arnaud

Best Trick:
Brian Long – 360 Mizou to Kindgrind Transfer, 360 out.

High Jump:
Dustin Jamieson

Low Grind:
Nathan ‘SG’ St-Arnaud

Worst Slam:
Ryan Roux

Old Man Award:
Todd McInerney

Worst Dressed:
Chase Gardiner

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Pop Contest-35

Pop Contest-37

Pop Contest-71

Pop Contest-78

Pop Contest-121

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Pop Contest-168

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