When you think of distinct styles in rollerblading that you can attribute to certain countries and their bladers, quite often Japan comes to mind first. And then in second, for those of you with an elephant’s memory, there’s Switzerland. Man, Jona Messerli, Cedric Eisenring, Ivo Schaepi…the Cesium crew was the hottest fire over a decade ago, and then also came Cosimo Tassone, Adrian Deck etc… Nicolas Schopfer is like the merger of the Japanese and Swiss style schools, one of the best representatives of that heritage, as both a prominant figure during that era, and both as a great blader now, with a recent cameo in Chapter II.

His Asphalt Blading Club section with both Kazua and Chiaki Ito is just perfect, and the John Maus track fits.

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