Josiah Blee: 2016 Remz Pro Skate Edit

Seattle street killer Josiah Blee and the guys over at Remz are doing things proper: following the teaser pictures of Josiah’s first ever pro skate for the brand just a few days ago, they now released the full promo edit for the skate, and this is one incredible piece! Filmed & edited by Carter LeBlanc with the help of JT Truitt, if features banger after banger, and ends with a hammer fakie 540 acid down a rail: get ready to watch this piece many times!

Can’t believe the day is here! Thanks Kato / Remz, Carter LeBlanc, Kizer Frames and Bladelux clothing for all the support. Worked hard on the pro boot edit! Hope you enjoy watching it!– Josiah Blee

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