Gabe Talamantes is one of the best skaters to hail from the legendary Windy City and Gabe was recently added to the Orange Wheel Company team and shot this incredible profile in just under a month on location in Chicago to jump start his addition to the team. Gabe had this to say about the making of “6 Shifts“.

Before I went to New York I had a conversation with my now friends over at Orange Wheel Company about being on the team. I picked up my first few sets of wheels and I immediately put them on. My first session on them was in NY and rode everything that weekend. I got back to Chicago filled with affirmation for getting put on a company since my struggles with alcohol.

I skated more and started filming. I got out 6 times with cameras and the crew before I got injured skating and had to accept some rest. This is what transpired in those 6 times out. I named it 6Shifts cause I did that work and I’m super proud of it.


Filming & Editing: Alec Heredia | Additional filming: Louis Sotelo, Yandriel Silverio