Dem Tennessee boys just dropped Julian Mire‘s new section and boy oh boy… it’s great.

And comes with a poem, we kid you not.

Peoples ideas of a business man haven’t included rollerblades since that photo from the 90’s
Instictive ly we now imagine their
Travel’s in black mid range sedans
And SUV’s
The difference’s with Julian couldn’t be starker, as he carves his own
Paths through the mundane work environment, riding in on a motorcycle, rolling away on blades.
Of all his colleagues I imagine he’s the only one with that
Rhythm, and that is what makes him unique.
The effort he puts into his blading shows through, weather it be his
Low perched topacids, confident fishs and backslides, or his favorite topsoul, of which it seams theres no
End of. Effort he also devotes to the concept of every part we build together. Discussions of
Theory purpose and place go into every video were a part of. And tough the days blading past
Midnight might be behind us, with adult responsibilities piling up, we all still manage to find time to be
Marauders of rails, bandits of barriers, and looters of ledges. As a crew we come together when life
Beats us down. Without
Rhymes or reason we find one another, connect, grow,
And enrich each others
The communities we all build through blading are unique due to the
Love we share for our sport but more importantly, one another. The constatnt
Movement we have as culture may seem stagnant, but were all still here contributing.
We’ve ultimately all been blessed by blading. Knowing as a community that we’ve
Got each other is in my opinion more important than outside attention and the capital
It might bring.
Here theres little left to say. We’re going to keep on keeping on. Its Business as Usual.
4 watching.
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