The 2011 Be-Mag Msgboard 30+ Edit

Edit and write-up by Vincent Morretino
Clips provided by Be-Mag msgboard members

Starring 22 skaters from two completely different hemispheres, set to the music of NOFX, Flobots and Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds, filmed by people just like you & me and edited by Vincent Morretino.

Skaters in order of appearance:

Guy Crawford
Peter Wujcik
Ben Vanderhaeghen
Oli Benet
Matt Helstrom
Diana Ward
Rui Viera
Paul Wicke
Craig Parsons
Sebastian Gruba
Blake Taylor
Catalin Vancea
Richard Tischler
David Janetski
Richard Tischler
Kevin Chow
Special Ed
Shawn Carter
Vincent Morretino

This is how it all started. And here it proceeds.

Songs used:

“Mattersville” – NOFX
“Mayday” – Flobots
“Red Right Hand” – Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds

Snippets from:

“White Wedding” – Billy Idol
“Don’t Let Me be Misunderstood” – The Animals

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