Seba’s Hospital Bills: Seba Seufferheld Fundraiser

It might have been the most terrible blading accident ever caught on tape, and if Seba Seufferheld is alive to tell the story today, it is still crazy to think he got run over by a bus while filming for the Haitian‘s Reincarnation Tour video. If he is physically back on his feet though, financially he still has a long way to go and is now facing 1360.000€ in hospital bills: read more below, and help him hire a lawyer and settle his debt for good!

My Name is Sebastian Seufferheld. On august 1st, 2014 I was run over by a bus in Lyon, France. The accident caused 7 pelvic fractures and a large hemorrhage which required me to stay in a hospital bed for almost 3 months while my body recover.
As a result of this 3 month healing stay, I owe 136,000 Euro for hospital bills. I am asking for $3,500 to help pay for lawyer fees which will hopefully settle my debt.
Much love– Seba

Help Seba pay for the lawyer fees and get back on his feet:


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