[MAG]: A new online rollerblading magazine from the Netherlands

At the end of 2009, when I was finishing my [EDIT] project, Ralf van de Kerkhof (www.resuk.nl) and I talked about doing ‘something new’. Ralf is a designer and I wanted to pick up photography again, after filming and editing for twelve months.

Text by Paul Pelle
Design by Ralf van de Kerkhof amongst others

The first issues were solely designed and produced by Ralf, a job that proved to be too much to do on top of his daily designing tasks. Therefore Ralf sadly had to step down a notch, giving other designers a chance to show their skills.

6 months underway I can proudly say [MAG] has show to be a platform for Dutch writers, photographers and designers to unite – our main goal when we started this project.

[MAG] couldn’t have existed if it wasn’t for dozens of people, all contributing small bits and pieces. Some of them have kept contributing every month and I feel it would be odd not to mention them. Therefore I would like to thank the following people: Ralf van de Kerkhof, Rick van Dijk, Bojd Vredevoogd, Dominic Swagemakers, Ernest Wennekers, Martin van Drunen, Thijs Bode, Rick van Laarhoven, Roel Verhoeven. All other contributors I haven’t mentioned can be found in the magazine’s colofon. Be sure to check it out.

An increasing number of readers ask when [MAG] will be released as a printed magazine. For now, the Dutch market seems too small to produce a monthly printed magazine and switching to English dishonours the initial idea of keeping it purely for the Dutch (and Belgian) scene. For now, [MAG] will stay in Dutch and online. You can always check it at www.inlinemagazine.nl. But who knows what the future may bring? Never say never….

Check out the brand new issue here:

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