LocoSkates LoveScotland Tour Announcement

Write-up by Jake Eley

For the first time since the last time there was a big-ass tour… we are doing a big ass tour. Scotland the terrain. We’ll hit two contests whilst on the road: the Noiya Jam in Sheffield on the way up and The Unit 23 Open on the way down. Nine days and two vans will deliver Nick Lomax, Sam Tuffnell, Leon Humphries, Jenna Downing, Joe Atkinson, brand new team rider Elliot Stevens, Dan Ives, Dan Collins and more to Glasgow, Aberdeen, Edinburgh and the surrounding areas.

The team focuses purely on UK rollerbladers, after all; we are a UK shop! We wanted to add a shot of international flavor to the punch though; so why not fly over dream tour-buddy Erik Bailey to hang out? We couldn’t be happier to have Erik as our guest on tour!

Recent antics have acquired the team a reputation for being somewhat debauched whilst on the road… and LoveScotland does not hint at apologizing and turning over a new thistle! With our film crew and photographer along for the ride and live front page updates on Be-mag you can spectate the action… even if you aren’t there. 

Lock your daughters inside and for god’s sake bring your skates with you. Let’s have a little skate shall we?  

The LocoSkates LoveScotland Tour is 9th-17th April 2011. Visit www.LocoSkates.com or the related Facebook group for more info.