In depth: Marc ‘Enanoh’ Moreno

Text by Oliver Short
Pictures by Marc ‘Enanoh’ Moreno and Bea Minoviabonica 

Today Marc’s not only carries the torch for those in Spain, but is an individual you can expect to bring many evolutionary stages to rolling: Marc has an extremely positive outlook on life, full of enterprise, energy and versatility, provides him with adventurness and eagerness to extend experience beyond the physically familiar. Marc is also a witty conversationalist, and a great friend who inspires me to not just rollerblade, but constantly reminding me in different ways on how to simply enjoy life. Between becoming one of Europe’s most admired skaters Marc also found time to give back to the scene by creating the core and highly stylized Spanish print publication known as (ABEC) Alongside producing Spain with a rolling print magazine, Marc also completed a degree in the arts and has already worked within a number of respectable graphic design jobs. 

Now with a large range of endless opportunities and required skills, Marc has been offered the chance to step it up and live the dream! After a number of conversations with Brian Shima, Marc recently handed in his notice at his current job designing at a desk 9-5 in order to take some time out of office to live and pursue the experience of what it’s like to be a pro skater living on the road and walking one’s own path!

Adventuring into the unknown, Marc has left on a jet plane for the USA some weeks ago. The spaniard will be living/traveling with Shima and the US, SSM team over the next 3 months, so keep your eyes peeled for some hot shit on the SSM site as you will be seeing a lot from this guy over at SHIMA MANUFACTURING. Proving that some dreams do come true even, if it does take a great deal of time loyalty and dedication to fill one’s ambitions, seeing Marc turn Pro and seeing him come through the way he has, must be one of my highlights in all the years working in Rollerblading! Leaders do not command excellence, they build excellence. Excellence is “being all you can be” within the bounds of doing what is right!

My grandpa used to build me spots in their old house. He was actually the first man ever taking me to a skatepark. 

Learning English was easy with such books like those: Part of my Daily Bread collection.
(Be-Mag note: Where the hell is be-mag in your library?)

Dad already gave me his heritatge!

That picture was taken by my girl on a trip to Rome. She is sick at taking pictures.

People are addicted to cigarrettes. I’m addicted to all kinds of pasta.  

I like drawing…

My first ever rollerblading film: Hoax 4 – Aaron Feinberg kills it in there.      

Everytime i see this poster in the wall behind my computer, a bunch of images cross my mind and I remember those good all times around Coup de Tat. It was such a big step in rollerblading.

One of the best things from living in Barcelona is that there are always good friends passing by. This picture was from the last Xsjado team visit.

This picture was taked on a trip to Galicia. Again my girl with one of her crazy ass cameras and her skills for capturing memories.

A piece of my room: Trophy time! 

Secret spot.

Mi mujer.

The best thing from my last job were the views. You could see the whole cities’ skyline. Will miss the breakfast on the balcony.

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