Hedonskate Tour 2012 Update #3: The Last Days of the Tour

Introduction & Text by Nils Jansons
Edit by Edgars Krasnovs
Photography by Kaspars Alksnis

After our session we went to an awesome Pizza place, ordered pizzas and 7 litres of beer for the table. The best local shreader Justas took care of us and showed everything. Later everyone went home to have a good rest, but Joe and I went out with some local BMX dudes to a beach party which was allright (haha). After a while when we had had enough so we went back to Justas place and had a good sleep. In the morning we packed and were ready to move on to next city. After a two hour drive we got from Lithuania back to Latvia. As soon as we arrived in Latvia the weather started to get better and better, so when we got to Liepaja it was sunny and at least 25 degrees. We had a street session all day with locals who showed us some nice spots, then watched sunset at the beach- very beautiful. After that we headed to last stop – the Ghetto Games in Ventspils where we met up with everyone else: Richie Eisler, Fredrik Andersson, Josh Glowicki, Dominik Wagner, Roman Abrate, and Steven Swain. We had an awesome contest and parties and just a real nice time. Photos from the contest coming with the full tour report and solid tour edit, so stay tuned. Peace and remember that Green is Better.

-Nils Jansons