Fiorenza's Blading Jam Photo-Set by Pietro Firrincieli

Write-up and photos by Petro Firrincieli

The jam session went down on Nico’s infamous box with the super slick ground that lead to a super strong wall where everybody crashed themselves at the end of every trick. Nobody had wheels softer than 90A and the landing show turned out very funny!

The jam was a very cool session where everybody bladed for almost 10 hours. It was very refreshing to blade without judges and run and everything, doing some Game of B.L.A.D.E., drinking beer and eating a lot of Pandoro.

In the evening everybody voted for the best of the day and Nicolo Sabattini a.k.a. ‘Tiger’ won a basket of food that which the prize offered by Nico!

-Pietro Firrincieli


Pietro Firrincieli