Fenfanix Road to Winterclash Live-Update #2: Freezin' at Forward Freestyle

Write-up and photos by Gianluca Asunis
Edit by Richard Johnson

The second day of the Fenfanix Road to Winterclash Tour started off with everyone waking up on air mattresses to the sound of Rob Pruett’s hair dryer at 9 in the morning. He was attempting to heat up the room at Forward Freestyle Skatepark after our space heater stopped working in freezing cold Belgium. The team eagerly got ready to blade quickly though. On our way to the ramps, more Fenfanix riders arrived. Diego Guilloud, Julien Cudot, and Antony Pottier came in with a bang and woke the rest of the house up. Everyone was game though and we started an early massive private session.

??Julien Cudot and Antony Pottier absolutely destroyed the course right off the bat. Pottier switch and natural fishbrained everything possible all over the course with steez. As for Julien, is there anything he can’t do? He made the ramps sweat with switch-ups most veteran skaters couldn’t even wrap their minds around. We also got clips from Riano von den Heuvel, Rob Pruett, Fallon Heffernan, and Jeremy Kesler. It was a very successful filming day at Forward for the Fenfanix team.

?After we finished skating, the team went out for their first real meal all week. With the help of the skatepark owner Fredje Van Overtveldt, we had a tasty Chinese dinner in Roeselare. We grabbed some Jupiler beers and chilled with the other 20 people staying in the Forward Freestyle house for the rest of the evening. We are off to Eindhoven to stay in the city centre with many other bladers from all over the world for the Winterclash pre-session tomorrow. The Fenfanix crew will see all of you dedicated bladers in Eindhoven this weekend!

-Gianluca Asunis

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