Escape From New York Tour 2012 Live-Update #1: Night Session in Boston

Write-up by Sam DeAngelis
Photography by Ryan Loewy

Entering Boston after a 5 hour right from New York we started off the tour with a visit to Thuro Skate Shop to meet up with shop owner/renowned blader Gabe Holm. After some photos and PR we headed to the streets of Boston.

As we skated throughout the day we met up with bladers from all over MA and CT. Our media crew worked continuously; weaving through drunken St. Patrick’s celebrating college students in green shirts to get from spot to spot. Each tour member hammered out some great clips throughout the day and well into the night. Enjoy these late night shots as Ryan Loewy lights up some of Boston’s famous skate architecture.

Shots feature tour riders Justin Brasco, Wake Schepman, Bobby Reichel as well as cameos from Boston natives Game Holm, Tom, and Aziz.

Stay tuned for more updates and edits on Be-Mag from the tour!

-Sam DeAngelis

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